They were lovers … once.

No way she’s getting horizontal with the bad boy … again.

But she does need one thing … his loins.

He’s the bad boy of comedy and he’s blowing up. Everybody wants a piece of the next big thing. Except his ex-lover-turned-manager. She’s just put it to him straight. Give me the fruit of your loins. In a cup, preferably with a screw top-lid. Then it’s sayonnara, baby.

What … the … f**k!

Here’s the thing: they’ve made it to the top. Together. She’s as funny as he is, has curves so hot they can melt steel, and together they’ve honed his act and clawed their way from dive bars and back alley joints to the bigtime. He’s so close to busting into the A list he can taste it. The best stand-up funny guy in the history of the planet. Move over, Richard Pryor. Go big or go home, baby.

The problem is that she plans to do just that.

Noooo! She can’t leave. Can she?

And what about that stuff about my loins?

You’ll love this steamy second-chance romantic comedy because can’t buy love—but you can pay heavily for it.


UK  Canada  Australia

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