Her Billionaire Desire

Kristy Palmer, a young and promising college student, already had her life all mapped out. She was going to be wedded to Harry Jones, a billionaire in his own right since his billionaire family were evidently going to hand over their billion dollar company to their son, who happened to be him, in the future. He already has a perfect standing, and equally looks forward to getting married to Kristy. Things start to fall apart when Kristy starts to find it increasingly thorny to cope with Harry’s imperiously controlling and demanding attitude. She catches him with other girls and realizes that he is indeed a playboy, but he always plays it off and calls her paranoid.

Eunice Schmidt, Kristy’s childhood best friend and now college roommate has a huge crush on Kristy and waits for what would appear as the right moment to tell her. Kristy is caught in the middle because of her growing attraction to Eunice and her materialistic desire to remain with her billionaire boyfriend.

However her decision is made for her when Harry forces her to have sex with him.

But Eunice has a plan!

Her Billionaire Desire is a full length standalone romance with plenty of steam and a very satisfying Happily Ever After. I’ve also included some bonus stories for your enjoyment.


 UK  Canada  Australia

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