Justice for Three

Three former SEALs turned bodyguards saved my life and, in the process, stole my heart. I thought we were meant to be.

I was wrong. Or at least everyone around me told me it was wrong to crave my three irresistible bodyguards.

Actually, they weren’t even mine, but I wanted them to be. So, I waited and found the right time to share my feelings and my body with all three.

As it turns out, they wanted me just as much. Their tender loving and claiming kisses seared my soul. Branded me, and in the process, I discovered soul mates are real.

Until we are ripped apart and I fight to forget the three men who ruined me for all others.

But fate finds a way. She always does, right? Just when I think I’ve moved on it seems I have one more lesson to learn in life—there’s no hiding place from desire. Or from them.

Author’s Naughty Note: A reverse harem bodyguard romance that will leave your hearts and Kindles on fire. Not one, but three possessive alpha AF former SEALs are back to claim the woman who walked away from them. As always this is safe with a HEA guaranteed! Enjoy!

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