Valentine Misadventures

There is one name that can inspire fear all along the East Coast.
A lord of the Underworld. A Napolean of crime.

Mr Larry, and his daughter is on the run from him.

Sophie has lived all her life in her father’s shadow. She’s an underworld princess. Her future has already been set up and laid before her and she knows there can be no escape.

Then she met Luke.

He’s everything she ever wanted in a man. Tough, strong, and absolutely devoted to her. There’s just one problem. He’s her bodyguard, and there’s no place for an affair with a scrapper from the hard streets in her future.
So when they’re caught, they have no choice but to flee.

Now they’re on the run, hunted by all sides. Can their love survive? Can they survive?


US  UK  Canada  Australia


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