Wickedly Scandalous

A Limited Edition Romance Collection

Who says love has limits?

Imagine a love that knows no bounds. A world with you at the center of attention coveted by not just one. But by two, three, four, or more sexy lovers who share everything—a past, secrets, power.

Billionaires and best friends.

Bosses and heroes.

And they want you.

These scorching contemporary romance stories, contain multiple pairings of two lovers or more, will have you shifting in your seat as your temperature rises and secret fantasies get fed. Fall in lust, over and over, exploring forbidden love, erotic acts, and extremely sexy trysts!

One-click this sizzling why choose romance anthology today and let your imagination run free!

Including Stories from:
Stephanie Morris – USA Today bestselling author
Adora Crooks – USA Today bestselling author
Sahara Roberts – USA Today bestselling author
Allyson Lindt – USA Today bestselling author
L.M. Mountford
Charmaine Louise Shelton
Emma Nichole
Tatumn Dixon
Mercy Ryan
C. E. DeRosier
Tara Lee
Kris Butler
Reba Bale
Ashley Kay
Layla Rogue
Vic Leigh
Rebecca Rathe
Poppy Flynn
Anika Lynn

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