His Christmas Gift

My high school enemy is my new boss.
He’s also my fake fiancé and now…
I’m having his baby.

When my aunt sold her gym, I thought I was going to lose my job.
Instead, I just got a new billionaire boss.
The man I crushed on in high school even though he and his friends bullied me relentlessly.
Dean is still gorgeous, confident, and totally not my type.
But when my family won’t stop giving me crap about being single…
I find myself in need of a fake fiancé for Christmas.
After a few too many drinks, Dean promises to help.
And gives me a kiss I can’t stop thinking about the entire week we pretend to be a couple.
Only our fake feelings become something real and have a very real consequence.
One that will be coming in nine months.

Autumn Miller is the last person I expect to ever see again.
I’ve always felt bad about how I treated her when we were in school.
And now, I can’t stop thinking about her.
She’s beautiful, strong willed, and apparently completely immune to my charms.
So, when she needs a fake fiancé for her family Christmas…
I’m more than happy to step in.
Any excuse to spend time breaking down her walls.
Every moment of our holiday together brings us closer.
But she doesn’t trust me because of our past.
It will take a tiny Christmas miracle to secure our future.

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