Love and Amnesia

I’ve been in love for years with my best friend since childhood, Jay Saltzbury. He’s now a major movie star. And he has amnesia.

A bad accident has left him with no memories of his past.

A past where he always viewed us as “just friends.”

Jay doesn’t know how long I’ve dreamt of his body next to mine.

I am helping him recall his life. And our closeness is making him finally develop feelings for me.

He’s known for being a Hollywood playboy, though. How can I trust that he won’t revert back to his old ways if he gets his memories back?

There is sizzle and chemistry every time we meet, but are his feelings real?

After a whirlwind weekend in Vegas, we give in to our desires and even get married by “Elvis”.

But I have major doubts because of his past.

Today, I took a test and am pregnant.

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