The Roma's Claim

His world is thick with sadistic intent.

Greta White’s life was simple. Every day, she went to the same coffee shop and drank iced coffee while she wrote about clumsy heroines and the hot guys who loved them. That was her life … until it wasn’t. Now, every lash of an antique leather strap is commanded by Emiliano Calvano, the underboss of the Calvano mafia. A Roma family is determined to receive retribution for Greta’s great-grandmother’s debt … and she is the payment.

The Calvano crime family was always cunning and resourceful, but most of all, filthy rich. Add in the Roma lore of sorcery and fortune-telling, generating power no other crime organization could ever possess. From Emiliano’s point of view, Greta’s family owes his family a debt, and he plans to have her pay that debt by becoming his wife–but only after her punishment.

Soon, he will pluck Greta from her world and place her as the centerpiece of his family’s crown. Will she learn of Emiliano’s sadistic intentions in time, or will Greta become the shining jewel of the Calvano family’s revenge?

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