Promised at Birth

I never wanted this life. My dreams were simple—love, and maybe college.

But now I’m bound to Bobby, the Mafia King of Chicago. He both terrifies and captivates me. So why does every touch from him send my heart pounding like a war drum?

Welcome to my kingdom—Chicago. I want everything—power, billions, you name it.

But first, I need a queen. Enter Gwen. She’s merely a means to an end. Love? Don’t make me laugh. Women are mere diversions. She’s about to discover what being married to me really means.

The Russian Bratva daring to mess with my turf? They’re signing their death warrants.

So, he thinks he can use me? Fine, let the games begin. But in this deadly tug-of-war between the Mafia and the Bratva, we’re both pawns, and our lives are the chips on the table.

This marriage was supposed to be a straightforward transaction. But Gwen—she’s pulling me apart, thread by thread. And for the first time, I’m questioning what I really want.

Unveil the secrets of “Promised at Birth,” the first electrifying installment in the Chicago Mafia Vows series. This mafia romance book isn’t just another story, it’s a high-stakes battle of wills, a collision of worlds, a tale spun from danger, lust, and irreversible choices. Their mafia arranged marriage is the match that lights the fuse, igniting a war that could burn Chicago to the ground. Desire meets danger as Gwen Fielding is thrust into a world she never asked for, yet can’t resist. Caught in a web between the Chicago Mob and the Russian Bratva, will her passion for Bobby Vincenzio, the city’s fearsome Mafia Boss, be her downfall or her salvation? Don’t just read—experience a story that will leave you breathless and yearning for more. Click ‘Order Now’ and plunge into a tale where love is as complex as it is captivating.

“Promised at Birth,” where rules are rewritten, empires rise and fall, and love is the most dangerous game.

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