Rough and Tumble

He’s a protective mountain man, she’s all alone in the world.

  • steamy romance
  • small town, all the feels
  • meant-to-be romance
  • a past she’s running from
  • a hero who must fight for love

Abby is a wild, fierce beauty — and everything Bartlett is not.

I own the hardware store, know everyone in this town by name, and am expected to settle down with someone local.
Abby tumbled into town on a train, with nothing to her name, clutching her dog Hijinx, and holding onto her memory of this place from when she came through here years ago.
I’ve played it safe my whole damn life.
After one night with Abby, I have someone to fight for.
A reason to risk it all.
But falling for her has no guarantees — she could leave as fast as she came, taking my heart along with her.

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